Sometimes the World is too Big

I know the saying is, "It's a small world," and for the most part I agree. But there are days like today when I'm reminded just how big it is, and how far away some places are.

We've lived here nearly 5 years now and have only been back to the NW twice in that time--the last trip was two years ago. When we got our Christmas cards this past Christmas and we received news of the declining health of several people we care deeply for, I felt an urgency to make a trip to visit while the opportunity still existed.

Unfortunately, finances (and paid time off) don't operate on desire alone, and it hasn't been possible. And sure enough, two of the people I'd love to see moved to another state to be closer to their children (a state that isn't on our rotation for the rare times we do get away), and I just received word of the passing of another dear soul who came to mean so much to us in our time there.

I am grateful to know that her long suffering is over and she's at last breathing freely as she walks the gardens of heaven with the Lord she loves. And I'm glad we'll get to catch up again one day.

And I'm sorry the world is so big and I didn't get to see her again.
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