Internet Cafe--Must. Learn. The Hard. Way.

I've always considered myself fortunate to learn from other's mistakes. Since I was young, I could watch someone else stumble (or race headlong) into one form of trouble or another and make a mental note to avoid that particular pitfall. Oh, I managed to find trouble on my own, but I bypassed quite a few  this way.

I think that's why my youngest son perplexes me. He's not one to hear a warning or see someone else's consequences and take heed. Good or bad, he wants to do everything "Bryself," as he's said since he could speak.

For example, he's been up close and personal with the wrong end of a curling iron more than once. I blogged about it over at Internet Cafe.

Are you the type to see trouble ahead and avoid it, or are you a "learn it the hard way" kind of person? What about your kids?

I'd love if you'd come over and share your insights or advice, or maybe learn from others (as I hope to).


Wordless Wednesday--Majestic

There's more to tell about these photos and the verses here, but that's a longer story for another day. The short version is, this was my view out the window on my way home from She Speaks(In this one cloud formation I saw sunshine and rain, lightening and a rainbow.) And the words that came to mind...

"O Lord our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth,
Who has displayed thy splendor above the heavens?" Psalm 8:1

I Didn't Even Ask

Don't you love when God gives you something you really want, but you didn't even ask for?

Last weekend I went to North Carolina for this conference. I'd never been to North Carolina before; I've heard it's beautiful.

But I wasn't really going to know.

In the interest of economy, I was taking the shuttle to and from the airport, so I wouldn't have any way to go exploring.

I checked in to the hotel the day before the conference started and went down to the restaurant for lunch. A couple of gals I met on the shuttle were just finishing, so after I few minutes I was sitting alone, reading my book.

Another woman came in and took a seat alone at another table. I figured she was part of the conference too, and asked if she wanted to join me. I understand the awkward feeling of knowing you're all part of the same group, but being alone in the midst of it.

She thanked me, but said she really just came in to have her lunch and read her book. After a few minutes she came over and told me she was local and had planned for a few days to come there for lunch. She didn't want to seem rude by declining my invitation.

As we talked, she asked if I wanted to have a tour of the area with her. So, putting aside everything my mother ever told me about not accepting rides from strangers, I went with her.

She works for a nearby Christian bookstore that she took me by, and then drove me around Concord, down lovely tree-lined streets, past old brick textile mills and the Nascar arena I could see from my hotel room.

Even nicer than the tour though, was the fellowship found because we know the same Jesus. The same One who heard my heart's desire not to see only the hotel and the airport. The One who prompted me to invite a stranger to lunch and prompted the stranger to offer me a ride.

My heart was blessed more than once before the conference even started. The blessings continued throughout the weekend. I'll be sharing more about that as I find the words...
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