Internet Cafe--Must. Learn. The Hard. Way.

I've always considered myself fortunate to learn from other's mistakes. Since I was young, I could watch someone else stumble (or race headlong) into one form of trouble or another and make a mental note to avoid that particular pitfall. Oh, I managed to find trouble on my own, but I bypassed quite a few  this way.

I think that's why my youngest son perplexes me. He's not one to hear a warning or see someone else's consequences and take heed. Good or bad, he wants to do everything "Bryself," as he's said since he could speak.

For example, he's been up close and personal with the wrong end of a curling iron more than once. I blogged about it over at Internet Cafe.

Are you the type to see trouble ahead and avoid it, or are you a "learn it the hard way" kind of person? What about your kids?

I'd love if you'd come over and share your insights or advice, or maybe learn from others (as I hope to).


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