UPDATE--Ever Hear of the Blogger who Cried "New Look is Coming?"

Well, here's the beginning of the new look. There will be a few tweaks to the layout and such, but finally, something simpler and (I hope) refreshing. Hopefully it will be a place we all enjoying being!  More to come....

Yeah, I know. I've been talking about a new look since Spring (and planning it for months before!).

I won't bore you with all the reasons why it's been held up (the list is ridiculously long!). I don't want it to sound like excuses or blame. The bottom line is I have the same old backdrop I've had for a year now and I'm sooo tired of looking at it!

There's probably a lesson in patience here. Or maybe one about not being concerned with outward appearances, it's the content that counts. (Hmmm...that just came to me; I might need to ponder that one a bit more.)

But, rumor has it my turn is coming soon.

And I'm still hoping that the new look will give me new motivation to hang out here--I hope it welcomes you in too! (I'm afraid I'm putting far too much into a relatively minor freshening-up!)

But hang in there with me and check back over the next few days. There'll be something to see, one way or another!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Can't wait... let me know when it's up. I'm all about a good blog makeover, although I can't seem to bring myself to having one. Too complicated for me in this season.


RefreshMom said...

Thanks Elaine. After all the hype, I just hope it counts as a 'good' make-over!

It seems as though you're in the midst of a life make-over with the move and everything else you have on your plate! Sometimes having something constant (like a blog design) feels like 'home.' And that's a good thing.

Love and prayers to you, friend.


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