Going "Back to School"--5 Minutes for Faith

What inspires you?

I figured out quite a while ago that I'm inspired by scenery. I need something pretty to look at when I'm writing. Lovely music helps too. And often, creative thoughts of my own interrupt me when I'm reading excellent writing. (Of course, a good cup of tea doesn't hurt either!)

It took me longer to figure out that those are peripherals. Beautiful scenery or music only enhance the atmosphere for me; they aren't the source from which the words flow.

The concepts that can't be contained nearly always begin when I'm connected to God. I can't count how many book ideas, blog posts and devotions have come to me when I'm sitting in church or listening to the lecture during BSF or doing my Bible study prep.

So you'd think, since I know I need to be in the word to have any real inspiration, that I'd be more consistent in Bible study...

I'm posting today at 5 Minutes for Faith. Join me there to see why this "Back to School" season isn't just for kids.


Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Looks great Mary! Maybe you can come and remodel my kitchen while you're in makeover mode.

I'd hire you in a flat second. ;O)

RefreshMom said...

Thanks Joanne!

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