Drive-through etiquette

You never really know what your kids are picking up until you hear it come out in their play. To help ward off some of the SBS (Summer Boredom Syndrome) I broke out a "Drive Thru Restaurant" that I picked up on last year's end of summer clearance.

It took a while for them to get down to business as Bug and Boo both wanted to be the cook. They arranged and rearranged their table and chairs and gathered up the play food and dishes. Finally, Boo got on the little jeep and "drove" up to the take-out window where Bug served him very efficiently.

I loved hearing him sound so professional and courteous, "Thank YOU sir. And have a NICE day!" I was a little surprised because the reality is that we don't get that kind of service very often, but it makes me happy that for the moment at least, that's the way he sees it.

And while I do hope he'll follow through on the promise that he shows for being an architect or engineer (or train driver as he insists is his career ambition), I'd be proud if he flipped burgers or sold cell phones (will we still use cell phones in 2025?) with that same attitude.

So, as Bug might say, "Thanks for stopping by. Please come again!"



Yolanda said...

Children are precious and they pick up on things that mean a ton to us! Sounds like cool kids, THANK YOU JESUS!

Kelley said...

When does courtesy go out the window??? I'm thinking it may be the teenage years, at least that is how it worked for me. I wish my teens still had those sweet, little helpful dispositions that my younger ones do. This is a precious post! Thanks for visiting my blog this week, I have really enjoyed looking over yours. I am planning to return soon for another visit!!

Enjoy the weekend....

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