Pearls of Great Price

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"Here Mommy, look what I got you!" Bug thrust a small, lumpy, kindergarten-wrapping job bundle into my hand as I picked him up from Sunday School.

"Now remember, she's not supposed to open it until Christmas," admonished Teacher Nancy. "Unless it matches something she's wearing before then."

That was enough--for the moment--to get him to agree to take the package home and put it under the tree until Christmas. A little later though, his excitement won out and he begged me to "open (my) present now."

And thus, I became one of the legions of moms who cast fashion and personal preference aside to honor the sweet generosity of my firstborn. He "bought" the beads from the Sunday School store with the gold nuggets he earned by coming to class, bringing his Bible and learning his memory verse. He could have spent his wealth on more Hot Wheels or a game or puzzle, but he chose the pretty pearls first.

He did a good job shopping for me. This lovely orchid color is one of my favorites; I just happen to have a couple of sweaters in exactly that shade. I have a beautiful necklace that I typically wear with said garments that always garners compliments. But I know that from time to time I will forgo the fashion statement to be adorned with these priceless pearls.

I think much of what we offer God is like these beads; not exactly what He'd have chosen Himself, but precious to Him when it's clear we were thinking of Him and doing our best. He even says that one day all our childish efforts to please Him will be turned into jewels that we can lay at His feet.

These pearls will always be a sweet reminder of how blessed I am to be Bug's mom, and infinitely more blessed to be God's child.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

When we give our all ... the fullness of a life's work ... it is as "rubies" to him. I'm almost weeping reading this. I now wish that I had held onto more of these precious tokens over the years.


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Love this! Excellent post!

Joyful said...

This reminded me so much of a charm my son purchased for me. You can read about it here:

Blessed to be His child,

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