"I want what I want."

After a full day of fun summer-vacation things--free movie at the theater, meeting Hubs for lunch, a train ride through the forest (twice) and an unexpected bonus dinner with Grandma and Grandpa--you'd think (at least, I did), that the kids might be tired and cooperative.

Well, their energy seems to know no bounds, but their obedience definitely does. And I get tired of the sound of my own voice "Stop that!" "Come here!" "Don't!" "Quit!" "Time out!!!"

During the short visit with my parents I had to sit between the boys because I couldn't get them to stop wrestling at the booth. I couldn't get Boo to say "Sorry" to my mom when he stepped on her foot. Bug went dashing across the lawn (which was ok) and then crashing through the bushes (which was not) straight toward the 8-lane road on the other side--all the while completely ignoring my tactful, peaceful instructions to "STOP! GET OUT OF THE BUSHES! COME BACK HERE! NOW!!!"

At that point I gave up. I buckled them into their car seats and went to my parents car across from us to get something from my mom. Next thing I know, both boys are unbuckled (only Bug can do that) and they've opened the door of the van and are headed into the parking lot. And thus ended our visit.

Although the mayhem didn't end there. Boo wandered off in a store and didn't answer when I called--loudly; I'll spare you the play-by-play because I know you have other things to do today.

That evening at bedtime with Bug, I was reviewing just how disobedient a day it was.

M-"Did you hear me yelling at you to stop?"
M-"Why didn't you stop then?"
B-"Sometimes I just want what I want." That pretty much explains it, doesn't it?
I gave him speech #27; the one about "I don't say those things to spoil your fun or just to keep you from doing something you want. Almost all the time when I tell you to stop, or don't, or no, it's to keep you safe or keep you from making a mistake. Sometimes I can see that what looks like a good idea to you is actually going to be a bad thing."

I shouldn't be surprised at it any more, but it still catches me off-guard when God uses my own voice to lecture me. How often do I disregard His warnings--"Don't watch that, it's only going to lead to discontent." "Don't eat that, it's going to undermine your efforts to be healthier." "Don't read that, it will set up unrealistic expectations..." Those are some of the little things, but there are certainly bigger ones as well.

He doesn't send me these prompts to spoil my fun. On the contrary, His warnings are always because He can see the big picture. And in His desire for me to have all the best, He wants to keep me from the things that will take away from that.

Lord, help me replace my "I want what I want," attitude with "I want what You want for me."


Melinda said...

I don't miss that part of parenting, but I DO get tired of hearing that phrase in my own voice!

Great post!

Genny said...

I loved how you called it speech #27...too funny!

We've had that kind of bickering around here off and on this summer too. I could really relate to this. :) And thanks for the great reminder that it's not about what I want.

Joyful said...

Great post...and valuable application! Praying I too will "STOP", listen, obey and replace my wants with His wants for me.


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