Wandering in the Wilderness

Another lifetime ago, I taught at a Christian high school. I got started because they had an unexpectedly large freshman class and needed another Freshman Bible class. Because I'd taught high school Sunday school, I got recruited.

"Old Testament Survey" didn't seem too difficult, but there was no curriculum and I had to come up with it as we went. We spent the better part of the first semester on the Pentateuch--the first 5 books of the Bible. There's a LOT of territory covered in that section.

I remember as the year progressed that it seemed like we kept drawing the same conclusions about the Israelites.

They were the only people with God in their midst, but their faith wavered so much! "Lord, why are we in captivity? Free us!" "Lord, we're tired of manna! Could we have some meat?!"

In the midst of their grumbling, they made some bad choices. The kind of choices that added multiple years to their journey and ensured that those who originally left Egypt wouldn't actually get to enter the Promised Land.

Over and over it seemed like God would show them His will/plan for them and before you knew it, they were grumbling and disobeying again.

Recently, I think I've gotten a better idea of how they might have felt. The place we once were wasn't perfect, but it had become comfortable. Looking back, it seems like the better deal to what we've experienced recently.

I find myself sounding a lot like the Israelites, "Why did you bring us here? Three years, and no sign of the promised land ahead."

I'm trying to remember that I only see such a small part of the path, but God has our whole journey mapped out.

And it isn't even just about me or my family.

Every step we've been on has been part of His plan for the people around us too. Our fellow Israelites, also trying to reach their destination; even the "Philistines" and "Canaanites" who dwell all around us who God wants to reach as well.

And--probably the one that concerns me most--our children. I know God wants to lead to a Promised Land of their own. The journey we take them on can either set them on the right track or lead them to settle in a "hostile" territory of their own.

I'm grateful that God showed His people's failures for us to learn from. My heart so wants to remember the lessons from those who made bad choices and do better for myself.

Lord help me remember You can see the end of this path. You've always known where you are leading us. I pray that we land next in Your "Land flowing with milk and honey." Help us be aware of even your small provisions along the way and never to grumble in favor of meat when we have all the manna we can eat. I want to be your faithful follower; not a whining doubter.



Genny said...

Thanks for the reminder that God has it all mapped out! I've got a lot on my plate right now and I needed this today! :)

Genny said...

Stopping by to say hi, my friend. :)


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