25 Stories of Advent--December 6

Tonight we'll be reading about Joseph from the 5 Minute Christmas Stories book we first saw on December 2 and The Nativity Story we read on the 4th.

We'll also read The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell (Candy Cane Press, 2002). I bought this book a couple of years ago because I remember seeing it on TV when I was growing up. (I know it's showing my age a bit to admit that it starred Johnny Whitaker--Jody from Family Affair!)

The 30-minute live-action version was a bit sad to me, but this little storybook is a very sweet telling of the story about a reluctant angel who feels out of place among all the older, 'perfect' angels. I think this book really speaks to the heart of children to see that when we give what is most important to us over to God, he can make something amazing and beautiful from it.

Is there a holiday program from your childhood that you remember/love still?

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