Good fortune

I had lunch with my parents yesterday; we celebrated my belated birthday and an early anniversary for them. Since the boys were meeting us later, and they don't eat Chinese food, we took advantage of the opportunity to indulge.

One thing you need to understand about my mom is that she knows scripture nearly as well as any seminary grad. She's one of the most biblically grounded, Godly women I've ever known. So when I opened my fortune cookie and she said, "God can even use a fortune cookie to deliver encouragement." I decided to accept it for the optimism it offered instead of downplaying it or thinking of it in the same light as a horoscope.

Here's hoping "that's the way the cookie crumbles!"


Melinda said...

I'm pretending that I just broke that thing open and I'm claiming that bit of encouragement for myself and mine today!


Anonymous said...

Oh,what a wonderful perspective!

Love, Leigharev

Genny said...

How cute! Loved this.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Happier days are ahead! I'm banking on it.


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