The Voices Inside my Head

No, they aren't the kind of voices that will find me committing an act that will land me on the evening news! If you were riding in my car or visiting my home you'd hear them too.

Two little voices and one bigger voice and I love hearing each one of them. Each of them. One. at. a. time.

I told Hubs the other day that I think men are lucky because they can pretty much only hear one thing at a time. Which explains why my dad never responded to anything anyone ever said while watching football or baseball.

I, on the other hand, have a hard time tuning any of them out. I think women are God-wired that way so we can fix dinner, direct one child to their lost favorite-toy-of-the-moment, listen to another spell p-r-e-c-i-p-i-c-e while catching the evening news and hearing about hubs' day at the office.

The problem for me is when I don't get enough sleep (does anyone ever get enough sleep?) or when life is stressful (is it ever not?), when those voices are all speaking at once they rattle around my head like the mirror-polished ball in a pinball game, bouncing off my problems, ricocheting off each other and colliding again in a cacophany of cerebreal chaos.

In other words, it's beginning to make me crazy!

One of my defenses of late is to find silence wherever I can. When The Voices are all out of the house I turn off all the other noisemakers. Sometimes I have a cup of tea and just sit with my thoughts, hoping maybe some of the mental clutter will clear itself out and when The Voices return there will be neat compartments in there for those sweet voices to land.

This afternoon I leave for our womens retreat. More than fine teaching, fellowship, food or other fun, what I am most looking forward to is some q u i e t!


BethAnne said...

Quiet? Could you please explain what that is???? ;-)

Genny said...

I love how you said women are God-wired! A good way of putting it!

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