Magic Mirror

I stopped by a community garage sale hoping to find a lamp or two to help illuminate our dungeon of a north-facing living room.

I didn't find anything suitable, but there was one item I really wanted to bring home. In the clothing department they had a full-length mirror hanging near the cashier. Now, I'm not really the full-length mirror type. In fact, until we moved to this house with the mirrored closet doors (yes, 8 feet high by 9 feet wide worth of mirrors), I have never had a full length mirror at home.

But this mirror, it's special. It was probably meant for a little girls room; the 1 inch wide white frame is separated at one corner, but that doesn't interfere with its special properties.

This mirror is magic! Honestly, it makes my size 12 hips look like size 4! I pointed it out to my friend Terry who was helping with the sale; she liked that it gave her skinny ankles.

It was really tempting to buy the mirror. After all, how great would it be to leave the house every morning feeling skinny? I told Terry I wish I could give everyone else lenses made of that mirror so that's what they'd see when they look at me. But of course, I'd be bound to catch a glimpse of my actual reflection in the car door or a window someplace and see reality after all.

So I left the mirror there (but I might visit it before the sale is over, just to get another look at the me I want to be). Sometimes people use a photo of themselves when they were the weight they want to be to motivate them to keep working at it; I wonder if the magic mirror would do that for me?

As I was driving away I realized there is someone who sees the best in me even when it's buried under all kinds of excess 'fluff' and flaws. God sees me already in His image. "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, (s)he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." 2 Corinthians 5:17

In His eyes I am already the best version of myself, and every day He works in me to help me actually be conformed to that. And jeans size aside, I really do want to be my best inside self even more than my best outside self. Maybe if I can see the reflection of myself in His eyes, I will get ever closer to my best.


Jamie said...

Funny and true post!

Thanks for your comment on my post at 5 Minutes for Mom. It's encouraging to know other moms out there and the decisions that they are making. Sounds like you are doing exactly what God has for you!

God's girl said...

Thank you for your post! Praise God for His image of us! Thank you for the reminder!

BethAnne said...

Ummmm, yeah, that mirror that makes your size 12 hips look like a size 4? Where can I get one of my own?

I am thankful that God doesnt see me like I see myself if I could only see myself as God sees me........that is hard, really hard sometimes.

Tanya said...

Nice post. I'd like one of those mirrors, too! And you're right: we need to view ourselves the way God does through His eyes of grace. Sometimes it's difficult to reconcile those two perspectives -- grace in a sinful world. Thanks for the encouragement.

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