S-i-l-e-n-t Blog, Lonely Blog

S-i-l-e-n-t Blog, Lonely Blog,
Sorry I've been gone so long.
Hurrying, scurrying hither and yon,
Preparing for family, "here we come"
Crazy time of year, busy time of year.

S-i-l-e-n-t Blog, Q-u-i-e-t Blog,
Trying to get everything done.
Shopping, cleaning, family time,
Not much time for thoughts of mine.
Crazy time of year, busy time of year.

S-i-l-e-n-t Blog, Q-u-i-e-t Heart,
Keeping things straight from the start.
Radiant smiles on Bug and Boo's face
Learning to see God's abundant grace.
Special time of year, holy time of year.

(My apologies to Joseph Mohr, the composer of the original and much better carol.)
I'm sure you can relate--for the past three weeks my lists have had lists and the countdown to Christmas seems to have happened at double-time. With everything else to be done (especially when I tend to procrastinate in direct proportion to the degree I'm overwhelmed with it all), it didn't seem appropriate to spend much time here.
So I'll spend the rest of this week trying to keep our focus where it belongs (at 3 and 5, it's not easy to keep the boys perspective in the right place this time of year!). This weekend we'll be attending the l-o-n-g awaited wedding of Hub's last unmarried college roommate. And after that, hopefully things will fall back into the old rhythm where I can manage to get some thoughts down a couple times a week.
In the meantime, I hope you're having a blessed Christmas week, and that whatever else you may be doing, you'll have some time to remember the babe whose birth changes the world forever, one heart at a time.

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