Introducing RefreshMom Reviews!

The blogging world is filled with all kinds of perspectives and purposes and points-of-view. I think one thing every blogger has in common with every other is that we all like sharing our opinions. I mean, we're here writing whether anyone is reading or not; maybe cause we like to share?

Anyway, I'm opening another venue for my opinions of a more material sort. RefreshMom Reviews will be mostly book reviews. I'm blessed to be friends with many real (read "published") writers and would love to share their books with you. I'm also a reviewer for Thomas Nelson publishers, so I'll be posting my reviews of the books I review for them as well. And from time to time there might be an interesting product or movie or website that I want to share.

So if you're looking for something to read or just want to hear more of my opinions, stop by!

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I will bookmark your review page for future reference. I'm not a "huge" book reader on a regular basis. If I read a book, it's gotta really grab my attention. I did ready William Young's "Shack" recently and am now reading an Amish series by (can't remember...). I don't have much time, but would love a good recommendation. I did also read L.L. Barkat's "Stone Crossings." Fabulous book.

Anyway, so glad for your new adventure. Hope all is well.


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