WUT's Up--Weekend's Useful Tip

Making sure your purse gets cleaned out

  1. Buy a large iced tea for the long ride home.

  2. Place drink in flimsy cup holder.

  3. Position purse on floor of car on passenger side.

  4. Take the final turn just before home a tad faster than necessary, ensuring that the centrifugal force flings the drink precisely upside down in purse.

  5. Pull into driveway, remove drink from purse.

  6. Dump entire contents of purse on car seat, pull lining inside out to free the last bits of soggy receipts and tissues, sticky m&m's and un-sticky postage stamps.

Voila! One completely empty, cleaned out purse.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes, I understand. I've lived it on more than one occasion, although I haven't usually painted such a bright side.


Kristen said...

yay! another blogging friend! thanks for finding me on facebook. :)

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