Today's Joy Moment

Working on the first BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lesson for the year.
Looking forward to getting to know Jesus better through the eyes of John.
Grateful that God, His love and His word are consistent even (especially?) when others/circumstances are not.
What was your joy moment today?


Barbie said...

I was driving home with my daughers today from the Museum of Art. My daughter's foot feel asleep and she was laughing so hard. It was so cute. Hearing my child laugh was my moment of joy today!

RefreshMom said...

Thanks for sharing Barbie. I agree, hearing that whole-hearted laughter is one of the best things in the world!


"Miss" Anita said...

Don't know where you live or worship, but I haven't heard about a BSF since leaving Minnesota nearly eight years ago. Thanks for the "walk down memory lane."

~Anita (aka HSB Suzanne)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Hands down our Bible study gathering tonight with the women of our community. Many things were working behind the scenes to "go wrong" and did; but in the end, we all gathered anyway, rejoicing in the truth that we learned over the past week.

I love Tuesdays; lunch with the "ancients" and Bible study with my girlfriends. The best day of my week!

Love your new concept of joy moments. I'll be looking for mine tomorrow.


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