A Very Disney Life

How's life been treating you?

In the great amusement park of life, are you on the predictable ups and downs of a merry-go-round, or are you spinning like a tilt-a-whirl? Is your life a casual cruise around "It's a Small World," or, like mine, is it full of slow climbs, rapid drops and whiplash-inducing twists and turns of "Thunder Mountain?"

I have to say there's been a lot of that lately (and the older I get the less I like roller coasters!) But even when the floor drops out of my "Haunted Mansion," there are still moments of joy. And when life gets busy or difficult I don't notice them as much as I should.

I learned this about myself a few years ago when I was going through a rough patch. I decided to keep track of ways that I saw God's presence in my life. I wanted to be more mindful of Him on a day to day basis, even when I wasn't 'feeling it.' So I started to write down my observations every day. Eventually, I didn't have to sit and reflect to find proof of God in my life, I caught the moments as they happened.

If you follow my posting schedule at all lately, you'll probably be able to tell when I get overwhelmed or overscheduled and can't give my blog (or lots of other things) the attention I'd like to. The trials of the day consume my time and energy and I don't have enough left for the things I want to give it to. So, I'll keep going with my devotional/refreshmoments posts as I can, but I'm going to start something new.

I am going to try to do a "Today's Joy Moment" post. I won't commit to doing it every day, but I'll make a good effort.

And you're invited to join me. When you catch one of those little things that might slip by unrecognized, take note of it and post it here. Your observations will help me see different things that I can be grateful for and might encourage someone else too. And the best thing that comes from intentionally looking for the joy moment in each day? Soon it becomes a habit. And the more joy you notice, the more joyful you'll feel--even when life seems otherwise.
So, let's get started.

Today's Joy Moment

Watching my three year old hit the ball with his dad. No tee, just a simple pitch and a really good swing. His natural ability amazes me and his own delight at connecting with the ball is a total joy moment.

What was your joy moment today?


Priscilla said...

talking to my grandson on the phone

RefreshMom said...

Thanks for sharing Priscilla; I bet it was a joy for him too :)

"Miss" Anita said...

That's awesome! ("That" being your 3 yo's ability to connect w/ the ball!) Thank you for sharing your joy-filled moments.

~Anita (aka HSB Suzanne)

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