Just Take 'Yes' for an Answer--Internet Cafe

For a long time, I wanted to name our firstborn son 'Gideon.' (I think it will be the new 'Jacob.') But, if I were the psychoanalyzing type, there's probably a deeper reason behind my attachment to the name.

I don't know about you, but if I'm honest about it, I think I may be more like Gideon than any other person in the Bible. It's not about putting God to the test as much as it is wanting to make sure I heard Him correctly.

Recently though, I had the opportunity to break that pattern a little and I learned a lesson about taking 'yes' for an answer. I'm privileged to be sharing it over at Internet Cafe Devotions.

Stop by and let us know if you've ever had trouble accepting a 'yes' from God.

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