Beating Summer Boredom without Busting the Budget--Internet Cafe

Can you hear it? It started out softly; a whisper of whining floating on the breeze through the open windows of countless homes across North America. 

Now that we've officially passed the picnics and pyrotechnics of Independence Day, the whisper is turning to a full-fledged wail. And soon, if a plan isn't implemented, neighborhoods near and far will echo with one cry, "I'M BORED!!!"

But all is not lost. There is still time to redeem the summer and your sanity. I've got 15 tips to help you and your kids enjoy the rest of the summer rather than endure it. Follow me over to Internet Cafe today to check out my suggestions and share your own.

Together we can give our kids a summer they'll be proud to talk about this fall when they're asked to write their first, "What I Did on My Summer Vacation," essay.


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