Why I'm not a Manicured Mommy

I haven't had polished nails in approximately 7 1/2 years. Initially, it was because with a newborn, there was no way of knowing when I'd have a chunk of time to let the polish dry properly.

These days, it's because a lot of kid activities and services aren't exactly manicure friendly.

Case in point, these nails. Saturday evening I had a few hours after everyone was asleep to fiddle around with polish.

Two days later, I helped at VBS. And this is what an hour or so of opening pudding cups will do to relatively freshly painted nails.

Next week I'm going to a conference where "a basic manicure" is recommended for the speaker evaluation sessions. I wrestle with the concept because I don't want to add one more bit of pressure to my life. (And frankly, I'm not sure when I'm supposed to get them 'manicured' between preparing myself to go and preparing everyone else for me to be gone.)

But beyond that, it feels a little disingenuous to me to take on a "sharp" haircut and manicured nails when my days really pass in ponytails and unadorned nails. Where's the line between "good hygiene" and over-doing?

If I show up to speak at a MOPS group (where many women are glad to get out of the house in an outfit without spots of spit-up and their hair blow-dried instead of 'wash and wear') perfectly pressed, with every hair in place and my nails properly manicured, do I become a little less relatable?

For this conference, I'll probably comply and try to have my nails look nice for the occasion.

But as soon as I get home, I'll go back to naked nails. I don't want to be the kind of mom who doesn't want to open the pudding cups because it will mess up my manicure.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Only had one manicure in my life... when I got married. Naked nails are fine with me. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I keep mine very short, thought. Can't stand the unevenness of naked nails. Glad you're going to She Speaks. Wish I could be there, but didn't really have a good reason to attend this year, plus the $.

Enjoy, sweet friend. I'll try and do better about keeping up with your life. Let me know how the conference goes. I'd love to know what you're working on, etc.


On Purpose said...

Hello Mary...I loved this post! Being a mom of boys...my day to day attires is totally around playing and having fun with them...and so spending a weekend at She Speaks...I got to wear jewelry...have my nails painted...and I even wore white! Its fun to do both...but my heart truly NEEDS life with my boys! It was SO great to meet you...and I am praying and knowing God will do great things with you and His ministry in and through you!

Hugs...have a super day!

On Purpose,

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