Bloom where you're NOT planted--5 Minutes for Faith

If you've stopped by during the past year or two, you may have gathered that I've been in a bit of a desert for a while. I try not to let circumstances dictate my well-being (or not), but sometimes it's hard to keep the unwelcome realities of life from displacing my internal contentment.

Not long ago though, I got a new perspective of how to get through those periods when it seems like I don't have access to the things that refresh my spirit and I feel like the drought is going to get the best of me.

I wrote about it at 5 Minutes for Faith today. Stop by and see the beautiful re-design (and I promise, mine is coming here soon too!) and see what I learned about blooming where I'm not planted.


Barbie said...

I loved this post! I tried to comment on the site (twice). I hope it comes through. Blessings!

RefreshMom said...

I'm so glad! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know Barbie.


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