What's Your Superpower?

I have side-eyes.

At least, that's my boys' assessment of my ability to see what they're doing without looking at them. Not quite as deluxe as eyes in the back of my head, but they do the trick.

They come in handy when Bug (who is quite speedy and seems to think if he runs fast enough he'll become a semi-invisible blur like the Roadrunner) is trying to avoid bedtime or breakfast and makes a mad dash toward the front room where I won't be able to see him.

"Ah ah ah!" I warn.

He comes slinking back in the room. "How did you know? Did you see me with your side eyes?"

They haven't figured out that I also have supersonic hearing. Like this morning when they were playing in the front room and I called (from around the corner and down the hall) "Stop jumping on the couch!" It made me laugh when they shut the door between the two rooms.

Sorry kids, I also have "Mommy-sense" (not to be confused with Spidey-sense) that alerts me whenever you're doing something you aren't supposed to.

What's your Mom-power?

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